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Warrnambool Primary School has a commitment to provide a high quality education that will enable all students to achieve to the maximum of their potential and is designed to prepare them for positive futures in further education, higher education, training and employment, and encourage a disposition for life-long learning.



The school aims to meet this commitment by providing opportunities that will ensure all students can learn, and grow in confidence and self esteem as a result of:

becoming self-motivated and self-reliant learners, achieving high standards of literacy and numeracy, acquiring decision-making, problem solving and critical thinking skills and attributes, developing strong interpersonal and social relationships, and learning to function effectively as part of a cooperative learning environment which takes account of diversity in student learning needs, attributes and learning competencies.


The school is also committed to:

supporting parent involvement and parent partnerships in all aspects of school life, consultation and democratic decision-making both for the parent/community and for staff, whole-school consultative planning, comprehensive communication and responsive and inclusive school management processes.



Warrnambool Primary School has a long and proud history spanning 139 years, servicing quality education to a diverse social and economic community. The school is situated centrally in the large coastal provincial city of Warrnambool, 260 kilometres south west of Melbourne.  It is the city’s original permanent state school and has provided an educational focal point for multiple generations of local families throughout the city’s history. 


The extensive facilities of the school incorporate the original sandstone/bluestone structure, a weatherboard structure and an array of LTC buildings.  A Physical Education and Performing Arts facility was constructed in 2001 and the school grounds provide a safe and stimulating environment in which primary age students can play, interact, learn and grow together.  Improvements with respect to surface structures (grassed areas and asphalt play spaces and pathways) have been extensive and the provision of additional equipment, pathways, seating and shade areas has been an integral component of a strategic grounds development plan following the upgrade. Occupational Health and Safety issues are incorporated into all planning and development processes.


The school has a current teaching staff of 37 and a school support staff of 13 in varying time fractions covering administration support, teacher support (including integration), health and welfare. The promotion profile includes an Assistant Principal and six Leading Teachers and focuses on school based priorities and VELS management with the senior team taking responsibility for a range of management/planning areas such as budgets and resourcing, accountability, school well being, teaching and learning and personnel management. 


Staff resources have been devoted to teaching and learning and focused on the core requirements of the eight Key Learning Areas.  The introduction of VELS and PoLT have become a significant priority for implementation. Supplementation and enrichment of teaching and learning is provided through areas such as Special Needs Programs for the ‘At Risk’ and ‘Very At Risk’ students (eg. Reading Recovery), Japanese Language Assistant  provision, Exemplary Physical Education, Choirs, Bands and Instrumental Music provision, Art Club, Debating and Choral Speaking Junior School Council, Camping, Performing Arts initiatives, Information Technology and a Multi-media Resources Centre.


Teaching and learning programs are delivered through flexible grouping of students predominantly within year levels and supported by the provision of specialists in Physical Education, Multi-media, LOTE and The Arts and school services officers focussing on literacy support, integration support and health and social welfare.


Student Welfare and Discipline, through a comprehensively documented Student Code of Conduct and Behaviour Protocol aims to be progressive and proactive in promoting self-esteem and cooperation among students. The school has a strong values approach with the implementation of You Can Do It and Beginning The Year With Care under the Restorative Practices umbrella.


Parental involvement in many aspects of the school's operations is invited and supported. The school is committed to consultation and democratic decision-making, whole school consultative planning and responsive and inclusive school management processes.  The school is supported by a 12 member School Council and parent support programs operating interdependently. The PLP (Parent Link Program) focuses on coordinating parental involvement in a wide range of classroom and whole school projects and programs.



For further information please call Gayle Brauer College - 5560 3888 or Warrnambool Bus Lines - 55 62 5748.

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