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School Golf For Everyone 2015

Do you have any students interested in representing your school in golf? 
Both Primary and Secondary students are in for a big golfing year, with multiple new and exciting events as well as old existing favourites to be played throughout 2015.

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About Us



Warrnambool Primary School has a commitment to provide a high quality education that will enable all students to achieve to the maximum of their potential and is designed to prepare them for positive futures in further education, higher education, training and employment, and encourage a disposition for life-long learning.



The school aims to meet this commitment by providing opportunities that will ensure all students can learn, and grow in confidence and self esteem as a result of:

becoming self-motivated and self-reliant learners, achieving high standards of literacy and numeracy, acquiring decision-making, problem solving and critical thinking skills and attributes, developing strong interpersonal and social relationships, and learning to function effectively as part of a cooperative learning environment which takes account of diversity in student learning needs, attributes and learning competencies.

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School Policies uploaded on school website as one main menu with 9 sub menus. Each menu linked to a PDF file to read for visitors. Thanks

by Warrnambool Primary