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Welcome to Warrnambool Primary School, an aspirational Government School serving the Warrnambool Community for 140 years. Warrnambool itself is an internationally recognised location of great natural beauty offering a uniquely Australian lifestyle located at the end of the Great Ocean Road and which recently featured in the nationally acclaimed movie Oddball. Our school is committed to high standards, engaging classrooms, professionalism, integrated learning technology and community partnerships. We are ambitious with a keen eye and collaborative drive to implement successful whole-school strategies that meet the needs of our students and their families. Programs, initiatives and resources have been carefully and strategically selected and constantly analysed to ensure they are meeting the needs of our students and our school goals. Acknowledging and caring for the whole child and a non negotiable understanding that all children can learn underpin our moral purpose and is embedded throughout our school in our Positive People @ Jamo program. Communicating to and involving our parents and the community in our students education is vital in establishing a partnership that educates, motivates and inspires our students to become lifelong learners.

Warrnambool Primary School

Creating Life Long Learners

2022 Prep Enrolments

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School Tours

Monday 12th July - 9.30am

Tuesday 13th July - 12.30pm

Wednesday 14th July - 9.30am

Thursday 15th July - 12.30pm

Friday 16th July - 9.30am

Saturday 17th July - 10.00am

Monday 19th July - 9.30am

Tuesday 20th July - 12.30pm

Wednesday 21st July - 9.30am

Thursday 22nd July - 12.30pm

Friday 23rd July - 9.30am


To book, please visit: https://forms.gle/WqyLcMhatBeUdacZ8

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