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‍‍‍John Pattison‍‍‍

Position: Classroom Teacher

Year Levels Taught: 3/4

Educational Philosophy:  ‍‍‍Firm but‍‍‍ fair; help develop the whole person especially through PerformI look to build strong relationships with each student and their families to ascertain each child’s learning needs. I encourage and teach each student to grow socially, emotionally and academically. I want each and every student to become life long learners who are exicted about their learning journey. Therefore I aim to make curriculum in my classroom engaging and meaningful for my students. To do this I am constantly looking for ways to tie in the use of different learning tools such as finding the story and emotion in a topic.      I believe every student can set and achieve learning goals that are just right for them. I am passionate about guiding students in the goal setting process.  I have always loved reading books. I look to instil and build a love of reading in my students. Books are celebrated in my classroom. I also look to use books by renowned authors such as Paul Jennings, Chris Van Allsberg and Cyhthia Rylant to teach students about how the writer’s techniques used by these authors, can then be applied in their own writing in class.    Music is another passion of mine. I love playing, listening to and teaching music to students. At school you will often hear the sounds of guitar, singing, keyboard, recorder and saxophone coming from our classroom. ing Arts; persistence, resilience, getting along and being organised are important keys to success. Trust is paramount in my classroom.

Bio...I am proud of having attended Warrnambool Primary as a student from 1993-1999. I moved to Melbourne after finishing high school at Warrnambool College and completed a Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Deakin Burwood. In 2011, I worked for 12 months at the TAC in Geelong as a graduate in their Business Risk and Strategy team. I graduated in 2015 with a Masters of Teaching from the University of Melbourne. In July 2015, I picked up my first full time teaching position at Alamanda K-9 College in Point Cook. My first role at Alamanda was running extension groups in maths and literacy across the primary school. In 2016 and 2017 I took my own classin the Grade 3 Team. Now back in Warrnambool after living 10 years away, I am super excited about making a strong contribution to my grade 3/4 class and the wider Warrnambool Primary School community.