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1-2-1‍‍‍ Learning Environments @ Jamo

We believe that a 1-2-1 iPad learning environment is the model for technology at WPS that will best support 21st century teaching and learning. We also ‍‍‍believe that personal computing devices are the norm and we should prepare students to make intelligent use of them.


Warrnambool Prim‍‍‍ary ICT VISION...

The iPad has the potential to shift teacher practice because it is fundamentally a different type of device...

- ICT to be imbedded into all curriculum aspects of the classroom

- ICT must be sustainable- ICT to be curriculum driven

- A blended approach to evolve across all our classrooms

-SAMR M‍‍‍odel for ICT:

For ICT to allow for significant task redesign and allow for the creation of new tasks previously inconceivable.

‍‍‍"If our schools want to be relevant for kids, we need to enter the world they inhabit - the digital world." Greg Whitby...‍‍‍

1-2-1 i‍‍‍Pads

The school purchases all the student APPS ‍‍‍and installs them on the iPad.


Students are engaged in 21st Century learnin‍‍‍g activities that promote independent creative learning.


Our 1-2-1 Program runs from Year 3 to Year 6. ‍‍‍Parents are asked to supply their child with an iPad.



A big part of what they are doing is docu‍‍‍menting their learning...telling stories, their story about their learning.

‍‍‍What world will our students exit ‍‍‍school into? What skills will they need to be successful?

Connectivity - our number one infrastructure goal

Anywhere, anytime learning

Digital Learning Portfolios enhance‍‍‍ parent participation in their child's learning.

Involving parents in their child's learning

What do I need to learn‍‍‍? How am I going to do it?

Involving children in their own learning

Teachers regularly self reflecting on how they can better implement iPad us.

How is the iPad in my classroom going to improve learning?

Learnin‍‍‍g‍‍‍ @‍‍‍the centre...

iPads @ Jamo

An iPad Classroom

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