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‍‍‍Danielle Toone‍‍‍

Position: Literacy Leading Teacher & Coach

Year Levels Taught: Foundation to 6

Educational Philosophy:  As an educator, I believe in building positive relationships with students and understanding the importance of academic and social success.  I know how valuable teacher encouragement and motivation is, and try to motivate them through challenging yet supportive lessons.  I want to teach students in a way that gives them room to grow and expand on their own.  I also want students to work for an answer rather than being told because it stretches their knowledge and teaches them how to find information in different ways.  Working closely with my colleagues is just as important as it builds collaboration and success for our whole school community.‍‍‍‍‍‍


In 1995 when I graduated from University, teaching positions were scarce.  I initially began as a teacher’s aide at Koroit Primary School.  I worked in many classrooms and was able to gain an insight into the ‘teaching world.’After being an aide for approximately twelve months, I was successful in gaining a teaching position at Koroit.  I was fortunate to teach across all year levels and train as a Reading Recovery teacher and a Literacy Coach.  I was always passionate about reading and writing.  After spending eighteen years with the Koroit community I gained employment at Warrnambool Primary School as a Reading Recovery teacher.  With funds not supporting the reading recovery program anymore, I am now employed as a Literacy Coach.  I work across all grade levels and support colleagues with their delivery of literacy.