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‍‍‍Dean Clements‍‍‍

Position: Assistant Principal

Year Levels Taught: P - 6

Educational Philosophy: The development of the whole child is essential in ensuring all children are ready to learn. Establishing strong positive relationships with children and their parents ensures that children then feel safe and supported in their learning environment and that parents are aware that learning is a partnership between home and school. Learning needs to be FUN. Engage, Connect, Inspire…‍‍‍


In 1991 once I had graduated from University, teaching positions were scarce. At that time Deakin University Warrnambool had a relationship with Khon Kaen University in Thailand. Thus the opportunity to teach in Thailand arose. From there I arrived in London in 1992, I worked for a company called TimePlan Education Group. I worked as a CRT in a variety of inner London schools. I joined Pilgrims Way Primary in 1994.After returning home from London I gained employment as a CRT at Strathmore North Primary. I was then employed as a PE Teacher and then in a Grade 3/4 class. I also completed my Bachelor Degree at VUT in Information Communication Technology. I joined St Albans East in 2002. I was employed as a Leading Teacher with the responsibility of ICT. I taught Multi-Media to Grades Prep to 6. This has allowed me to further develop my skills in ICT as well as implementing new innovative programs and equipment to both students and teachers. I am presently working at Warrnambool Primary school where I am the Assistant Principal. During my time at Warrnambool Primary I have taught Year 6 and have had the opportunity to complete my Masters in School Leadership.  I have fulfilled two Acting Principal positions in Hamilton and one at Warrnambool Primary.