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L.O.T.E ‍‍‍- (Language other than English)

Konichiwa everyone,

At Jamo we study Japanese as a second language. Students participate in an Japanese lesson once a week and are involved in a wide range of activities such as music, singing, drawing, puppet making, role-playing, stories and games.

During the Japanese sessions children learn how to:

- Meet, greet and farewell each other

- Express their preferences and inquire about their ‍‍‍peers favourite things, while exploring topics such as food, sport, games, art, music and many others

.- Build a vocabulary bank of relevant data, such as numbers, colours, shapes, appreciations, places, professions, etc.

- Identify cultural icons, geographic features, famous buildings, and historical personalities of Japan and make simple statements about them in Japanese.

- Use bilingual dictionaries, browse books and use a range of multimedia tools to effectively expand their expertise. Languages of Australia for modern citizens of the world.

At Jamo we celebrate multiculturalism, as an acknowledgement of the importance of all the languages and cultures that make our community, so diverse and vibrant. During the Japanese program students collaborate and recognise all the cultures and family backgrounds. They organise events such as Jamo Multicultural Day, where the richness and diversity of Australia is celebrated through many interesting and funny ways.  

Students also promote projects of cooperation and solidarity with other educational communities in Australia and overseas.

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"Learning a foreign langua‍‍‍ge and the culture that goes with it, is one of the most useful things we can do to broaden the empathy and the imaginative sympathy and cultural outlook of children." Michael Gove