Welcome to Warrnambool Primary School. 

Warrnambool Primary School or also known as Jamo has been operating from this site in Jamieson St since 1876. We have a very long and proud history of delivering quality educative programs in a safe and nurturing environment.

The well-being of our students is our top priority. Our vision is to provide an inclusive education, nurturing students to flourish and reach their academic, social and emotional potential. Our school values of confidence, curiosity, positivity and pride are those which we live by at Warrnambool Primary School. We encourage our students and staff to be positive people where they take notice of themselves and others; where they give of themselves; where they continue to be active in their school and community life; where they connect with each other and their school and where they develop into life-long learners. We have formed a strong partnership with ‘Real Schools’ which is a highly valued well-being program which focuses on strengthening the culture in schools.

Our quality literacy programs include ‘sounds write’ a research-based phonetic program, spelling mastery, ‘talk 4 writing’ and Heggerty’s phonemic awareness program. These programs provide a high level of explicit modelling and student engagement. We are a Science of Reading school and in agreement with Science of Reading research, we follow the five main components that are fundamental to reading: phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.

Our Literacy program focuses on Explicit Direct Instruction as does our Numeracy program. Explicit Direct Instruction helps all students. Explicit Direct Instruction (EDI), an approach to learning based on the best research available, helps teachers deliver effective lessons that can significantly improve achievement for all learners.

Our Numeracy program features the very popular and well-researched ‘Top Ten’ mathematics. Students and staff engage in many hands-on activities and Top Ten Mathematics supports us with a compendium of detailed lessons and activities from Foundation to Year 6. All year levels are now using this resource and pre and post assessments to provide students with engaging activities in Maths teaching and learning 

and to support the collection of formative assessment data. Complementing this, a Warrnambool Primary School Scope and Sequence for the teaching of Mathematics has been developed. This is a flexible and fluid document and provides a brief overview of the Victorian Curriculum strands, sub-strands and content descriptors to be taught in Mathematics across each year level in a school year. This document supports teachers to easily see the curriculum progression and assist in the planning of teaching and learning programs to meet the diverse needs of students. We are also very proud of our Maths enrichment program at which targets students who are deemed capable of enrichment in mathematics and who display high order thinking and work ethic.

We have a very dedicated, experienced and skilled staff who deliver the best programs for our students. Our friendly administration and office staff keep our school running very smoothly by keeping open communication between the school and families. Our Business Manager ensures our school is well resourced and financially sound. It’s a team effort at Warrnambool Primary School and we encourage all parents and carers  to be involved in there child’s schooling years. We enjoy great support from our dedicated Warrnambool Primary Parents Association (WPPA) who organise many great fundraising evetns. We also have a strong School Council with varied skills and experience who participate on sub-committees and drive many of our school improvement policies.

We are fortunate to have three specialist areas: 

– L.O.T.E (Japanese)

– Physical Education 

– Art 

We have well developed and long standing cultural programs such as our Koorie engagement program and English as an additional Language program. In 2023, we will also continue our Tutor Learning Initiative which provides extra assistance for those students who require support in their learning. 

We have much to celebrate at Warrnambool Primary School and I extend a warm welcome to all existing and prospective families.

 Peter Lee