Junior School Council


The Junior School Council (JSC) plays a positive role in creating a safe and inclusive school environment. Upholding the school values of Positivity, Pride, Curiosity and Confidence, the JSC Executive embodies and exemplifies the high standards synonymous with Warrnambool Primary School; leading by example and encouraging others to do the same. Elected by their teachers and peers, the JSC guides Year 6 Leadership Teams in coordinating activities across the school which foster positive relationships and behaviours. 

Warrnambool Primary School actively strengthens relationships with families and community organisations in order to enrich the experiences of its students and tap into the environment that has the greatest impact on their learning. The JSC Executive represents the school at whole school events and collaborates to make positive contributions to the wider community. The JSC acts on behalf of the collective voice of the student body in the decision-making process to assist with planning school fundraisers and special events. Annual events include a Food Drive for Food Share, fundraising for the Salvation Army and hosting ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day ceremonies. 

The JSC Roles are:

  • Be and outstanding role model for other students
  • Lead the Year 6 Leadership Teams
  • Participate in decision-making processes with students and teachers
  • Listen to the voice of all students in the school
  • Lead whole-school assemblies
  • Liaise with teachers and school leaders to plan and coordinate school events
  • Manage the JSC budget and allocate resources where necessary
  • Contribute to wider community events

Student Voice at Warrnambool Primary School increases engagement, encourages collaboration between students and teachers and maintains a positive environment and culture. Promoting positive citizenship and empowering students to be part of meaningful change, the JSC and Year 6 Leadership program offers opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, instil a sense of pride and achievement across the student body and flourish as upstanding citizens in the school community.


Student Leadership Teams

At Warrnambool Primary School we aim to provide an inclusive education, nurturing students to flourish and reach their full academic, social and emotional potential.
Leadership is the process of motivating, inspiring and empowering others to achieve a common goal.
Leadership is about having a clear idea about what we are trying to achieve and being able to communicate it effectively as a team.
It is important for students to experience leadership opportunities during their schooling, to learn the art of building relationships within team, defining identities and achieving tasks effectively. It also provides an opportunity to learn to identify and display effective communication and interpersonal skills.
In 2023 we will be offering the following teams for consideration:
  • JSC Ambassadors
  • Community Team
  • Wellbeing Team
  • Sports Team
  • Sustainability Team
  • STEAM Team
  • Administration Team
  • Library Team
  • Koorie Team
  • Multicultural Team

Student Opportunities

Warrnambool Primary School offers a rich program of learning that goes beyond the classroom. These programs greatly enrich student learning and are available to all students. We encourage all students to take advantage of these opportunities to further develop their knowledge, skills, relationships, and positive attitudes and values. Through these programs, students come to value the pursuit of excellence, team-work, self-esteem, and willingness to provide unselfish service to the school and community.

– Camps/Excursions

– Debating Teams

– Sporting Team