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Download: anaphylaxis policy .pdf

Download: CCTV Policy WPS.pdf

Download: Complaints Policy -WPS.pdf

Download: Bullying Prevention - Policy.pdf

Download: Yard Duty and Supervision Policy .pdf

Download: Visitors Policy WPS Aug 2019.pdf

Download: First Aid - Policy.pdf

Download: Child Safety Responding and Reporting.pdf

Download: Attendance - Policy.pdf

Download: Asthma - Policy - NEW.pdf

Download: Inclusion and Diversity.pdf


Download: ICT Acceptable Use Policy.pdf

Download: WPS Vision - values and behaviours.pdf

Download: Student Wellbeing and Engagement.pdf

Download: Schools-Privacy-Policy-English.pdf

Download: Parent-Payments-Arrangements-template-Foundation.pdf

Download: Parent-Payments-Arrangements-template-Year1_2.pdf

Download: Parent-Payments-Arrangements-template-Year 3_4.pdf

Download: Parent-Payments-Arrangements-template-Year 5_6.pdf

Download: Privacy Collection Notice 2022.pdf