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At Warrnambool Primary School we aim to encourage and develop positive attitudes towards lifelong health and physical activity. All students at our school are taught skills in a range of sports through our comprehensive Physical Education Program. We offer a wide variety of extra curricula activity closely linked to our physical education and sport programs. These include: school based supplementary motor skill development programs, specialist coaching sessions, incursions and sports clinics, super sports gala days, representative sport and specialist sports academies. Our special‍‍‍ist sports academies have been designed around our proud history of success in representative sport from District to National level.

Warrnambool Primary School Sports Academies provide our students with specialist coaching and training sessions in order to develop high level skill, game tactics and fitness in a range of sports.‍‍‍

Sports Academies currently at Jamo

- Athletics, track and field

- Teeball

- Basketball

P.E in actio‍‍‍n @ Jamo...

“The game is never more important than the people you play with.”