At Warrnambool Primary School all students experience a Visual Arts program filled with highly creative tasks that support innovation, learn by doing and opportunities for spontaneity. Following the Victorian Curriculum – Visual Arts, the program is a positive and enriching part of the curriculum where all students can foster independence and expression of self through design and enquiry processes. Students are encouraged to make visual representations of their ideas, feelings, observations and imaginations and create artist statements to support these. Students explore ideas and images of artists from different times and places, and develop an appreciation of how other artists work and their contributions to our society.

Students knowledge and understanding of the art elements increases while they explore a broad range of materials and techniques. Students manipulate different mediums, both recycled and natural to create 2D and 3D art works. Students refine their art works in response to guidance and feedback, develop visual arts languages and learn how to maintain a safe and vibrant studio.

Students artwork is displayed within the art room, around the school grounds and buildings, in public events and exhibitions and to the broader community during the annual whole school exhibition. Warrnambool Primary School embraces all arts culture and welcomes local artists, guest speakers and the Artists in Schools program to enhance the Visual Arts.


Visual Arts classes are enjoyed for one hour weekly by all students from Foundation to Year 6.